Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Medusa's Metamorphasis

I went to bed sick with a head cold last night. Third day of the junk. Before I slithered off into the bedroom at 8 pm (what?) I kindly asked my husband if he wouldn't mind cleaning up the kitchen. (Hey- I cooked)

When I woke up this morning, still sick with a head cold, I slithered into the main room and immediately saw the wreckage of last night. Dirty dishes on the sink, Thing 1's food crusted to the table top and toys everywhere. Weird. I clearly remembered asking husband to run the dishwasher and pick up and he said "Okay".

Being the cheerful morning person that I am, the greeting of a trashed out dirty house, a stack of unpaid bills and a foul, whining, kicking Thing 1 did marvels for my already pissy mood. Then I spent five minutes (literally) trying to scrub the dried oatmeal off the table (while looking at the rest of the dirty piled up shit out of the corner of my eye) so that I can play a rousing game of Memory with a snotty, hacking coughing Thing 1 which was enough to make me downright snarly. I'm being nice. I was like Medusa yielding a fiery torch and a pick ax.

Here is a picture, you can ask my husband for verification, as I was directing the wrath at him:

Then, because I am a person who exhibits admirable self control, I stopped and declared "I'm going to Yoga class today!" and my husband said "Okay" (and thought "Please-get the hell out of here") and off I went with my mat, a handful of Kleenex and my water bottle.

At the beginning of each class the instructor urges us to dedicate the next hour to something personal. Normally I pick something like "I am going to detox my body and strengthen my back" or "Today I will use that hot dude over there as my focal point". This morning the instructor spoke about power, and more specifically, recognizing and retaining our power. She said that if there was ever a time that you lost your power, to leave that in the past and move forward in this moment with your power. She stated not to confuse control with power. So I acknowledged my power and left behind "control", yet I decided to be "In Control Of My Power", because I like to teeter on the edge of reason.

I immediately got a picture in my head of what power looks like to me. And Yes, I drew you all a picture:

Psychoanalyze me now!
I clearly think of three fiery balls as power.
I don't know why.

Well this girl loves her some power.

I love the word.

Here are some of my favorite definitions of POWER:
1. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
3. great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.
–verb (used with object)
22. to give power to; make powerful: An outstanding quarterback powered the team in its upset victory.
23. to inspire; spur; sustain: A strong faith in divine goodness powers his life.
24. (of a fuel, engine, or any source able to do work) to supply force to operate (a machine): An electric motor powers this drill.
1. capacity. 3. energy. See strength. 4, 5.  sway, rule, sovereignty.
1. incapacity. 3.  weakness.

I love it when applied to each of us as a person.

I love She-Ra Princess of Power. It was actually what I often called my sister when we were growing up. If you know her, you know why.

The point of this incoherent mess is that I went to class, learned that by freaking out this morning I had indeed "given up my power" and regained it in 60 minutes of strengthening, stretching, breathing and focusing. I came back to my family new and improved. I even spent 40 minutes on the phone with Verizon, trying to work out a very confusing, very expensive bill. Guess what? I kept my power, I was cool, calm. I was downright friendly with the girl on the phone. (She was intelligent and spoke English perfectly, which was a major bonus.)

I clearly need yoga, which is cool because even though my back is about as flexible as a 2x4, I love yoga. Can I shout it from the rooftops? I LOVE YOGA!

So I have two question for my readers:
When have you regained control of your power?
Do you have a mental image or symbol that represents power to you?


  1. I'm not certain at the moment how to answer those questions. Yet. But I must say I like your artistic side very much :D

  2. wow! complete with illustrations! i'm gonna like your blog! :)

    i can't really answer your questions. about the closest i come to regaining my power is when i step back from myself and don't take myself or my life so seriously. i guess that's more of a regaining perspective, but it centers me too. a symbol of power? a bright intense light - how I picture a soul...

  3. @BrandyRose- thanks!
    @texwisgirl- I like your answer. I picture a soul as a bright light too.

    I guess I could have asked "when have you lost your power?" but I would rather focus on the positive. :)

    I've regained my power whenever I regain my sense of self. Qualifying things would be: writing, drawing, creating, nuturing..... and so on and so forth. I find power in balance, nourishment, exercise, learning and peace.

  4. uhm...well let's see...

    I just changed the plan we are on with our electric company last week, so we now get a better rate and 3% cash back at the end of the year.

    My first image of power is the three way plug in the bathroom that I plug my make up mirror, curling iron and hair dryer into, other than the coffee pot outlet, that would be my most coveted image of power.

    You may be getting too deep for me.

  5. @Tina- You crack me up. Don't worry, deep and I don't stay together for excessively long periods of time. It will all work out.