Thursday, April 28, 2011

I wanted to write today but I couldn't disturb this...

He is so peaceful, laying in the chair from which I type, that I just can't move him.
Let's get in for a more intimate look at those toes and whiskers.

Okay, he just got up and scratched his ear, from which a chunk of something brown fell out, and shook his head, which caused drool to fly all over my silk pillow. I'm dead serious. That really just happened. Cuteness session over.

But there is always this:

Hi. I'll be one on Tuesday. Too bad I'm not very cute.

Happy Thursday.


  1. He may be just the cutest little thing with that hat on!!!

  2. The precious moment was ruined by the chunk of something brown but was then replaced by the adorableness of him in that hat!

  3. I love my cats..but everyone who says they are clean animals are liars! They are filthy...filthy balls of purriness.

  4. What a cute cowboy!!! Happy early birthday!! Do you have the birthday bash prepared??!!

  5. What adorable little animals you have at your house!! (the two legged and four legged ones)

  6. Haha, I'd have written this comment half an hour ago if it hadn't been for all the undisturbable cuteness in my lap!

  7. So, I have to know...did the chunk of brown stuff crawl away to breed more brown things in a dark space in the corner of the room, or did it roll lazily to the floor to be either stepped on or ingested by the Cute Thing? See, that's what I got out of this post. Love it.

  8. @both Crystals- thanks!He is a cutie! Sometimes I wish I posted pictures of my kiddos faces on here so that I could show them off to my readers! Cake amd ice cream Tuesday night!
    @Brandy- it is all par for the course around here.
    @Jinny- so true!
    @Canis- Thanks! They are special.
    @Tatty- my husband always tells me just to push the cat off my lap, but I CAN'T.
    @Allie- Floor- it matched the color. I'll sweep later.... :)