Friday, April 1, 2011

I love my husband lathered in cheap soap.

This title is going to be appealing for those people that keep Googling porn with "corn fed" in the title and once again they will be sorely disappointed, because all that I am going to talk about is that wonderful smelling soap made by the leprechauns in Ireland. (Also, I would like to apologize to my male readers now, because unless you are gay, you probably won't dig this post.)

Hi, my name is Johi and I am addicted to coffee chocolate America's Next Top Model the smell of Irish Spring soap.

I LURVE Irish Spring soap. More specifically, its essence; not so much the way it zaps every ounce of moisture out of my skin. Which is why I like it when my husband (bow chicka now now) uses it. I'll let him sacrifice his tough as nails man skin so that I can revel in the scent of leprechaun freshness.

This morning, I walked into my bedroom (which has an attached bathroom) and into a wall of the aroma of "a fresh Irish spring". Lovely. It made me think of a red haired man frolicking in a sunny field of clover with a bubble machine and a pot of gold.

When I say red haired man, I don't mean this:

Or even worse, this:

oh no.
I mean THIS:

Or better yet, THIS:

Don't email me and tell me how he is Scottish, not Irish. It's my fantasy. 
Happy Friday!
Damn, he is HOT.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. That guy from CSI Miami (first pic) is SO creepy. So so so so CREEPY! I have always thought so.

    Gerald Butler, however? mmhmmmmmmmmmmm

    Oh, and I love the smell of Irish soap. Too bad it makes me itchy :(

  2. Can't say I have ever used Irish Spring soap. Growing up in the Midwest Winters and having dry skin just on top of the winters, I have used Baby Bath Magic since I was a teen.

    Gerald Butler is yummy in any flavor soap, soup or sauce....

  3. I think the title of this post is what you should name your company.

  4. @Sluice- that comment got a seriously deep belly laugh from me!

  5. I use Irish spring in the sock/undies/useless-shit-that-ends-up-on-the-dresser-so-it-gets-slammed-in-the-top-drawer drawer. YUM!