Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fashion Consultation with Thing 1

I got dressed this morning and Thing 1 walked into my room and said, "Mommy, that shirt is funny!" Then he walked into my closet and plucked out a different shirt and said, "This is nice. Wear this."

Well folks, I've been wanting to add some different elements to this blog and wasn't sure what. Now I know. Are you ready for fashion time with an almost 4 year old? Oh yes.

Now for the photographic evidence.... Pardon my ugly mug, as I have never been accused of modeling, and am really only comfortable in front of the camera when in my lime green leisure suit.

Option 1
I thought that this was cute.
My stylist disagreed.
That is my stylist's foot on the right.

Option 2
This is Thing 1's selection.
He made me zip the vest up that high,
which I find incredibly flattering.
Is this a hint that he wants to go hiking,
or a comment on my food portions?
 Honestly, once I had the jeans and tennies on, I realized that they were really much more comfortable and warmer than my original choice. Honestly, I really hate sneakers with jeans, even though I wear some brown ones with jeans almost every day around the house. But seriously, does anything scream MOM any louder? For an unusual weekend twist, we are planning on actually going into public at some point today. We need to scout out new couches, because our current ones eat you when you sit down which doesn't help one tiny bit with my old lady back. So no MOM outfit for me today! Oh no! So the jeans stay, the life vest goes and I wandered into my closet to pick from my all time favorite type of foot wear... the cowboy boot. Those 10 years in Western Wear retail did nothing for my self-esteem, hiring marketability or bank account, but it did allow me a discounted collection of high quality, feel good footwear! Ka-Chow.

This is merely a portion.
Yes, I know that I have a problem.
Hey, at least I don't hoard animals.
 I selected my favorite pair; these honeys....

Hello Lovers.
If I could make out with any of my shoes, these are my choice:
Handmade Classic Lucchese in Black Lizard with Saddle Brown Inlay.
They are so so so comfortable.

 For the sake of comfort and fear of resembling a floatation device, I strayed outside of both my original choice and Thing 1's recommendation and finally selected this ensemble:

Option 3
Sorry dude, I like this shirt.

How can you go wrong with dark jeans, a white shirt and boots?
I say "You can't".
What do you all think?

Other questions for my readers:
  1. What are you addicted to? (I obviously have a passion for footwear)
  2. Do you like the idea of a fashion section?
  3. Is it okay to have a fashion section when most of my clothes are over 5 years old?
  4. What other content would you like to see featured on this blog?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. I like the final outfit choice. The necklace is a nice touch...wraps it all together.

    I'm addicted to shoes and romance novels. I have an itty-bitty closet so I have to be very careful about my shoe purchases. If something goes in, something else has to come out...and that's hard for me. My romance novel addiction is less of a problem now that I have a more teetering stacks of paper back books on my night stand.

  2. oh my gooooooodness, looking at your obviously stellar collection of boots reminds me of growing up in Texas and going to Boot City. The smell that envelops you as soon as you walk in the door- leather and the outdoors. wow, you just gave me an intensely satisfying moment of remembrance. thanks.

    i'm addicted to heels. with my size 4.5 feet, i rarely find shoes that fit, but if i do and i love them, i am willing to get into a throwdown to own them. forrealz.

    the fashion section is a FAB idea. I think Monkey should do the selecting and you should do the modeling with some of your signature expressions and poses.

  3. I am addicted to shoes (and also nicotine, but never mind that). Am insanely jealous of cowboy boot collection. I have one pair! One! But then we don't have cowboys where I live so I suppose it's understandable.

    I like the fashion section, especially now that the Stylish Things are involved. Doesn't matter about wardrobe being +5 because a) recycling and rediscovering are very 'now' and b) vintage is also very 'now.' You're just at the forefront of the 2006 Vintage movement.

    No other requests for content! Am keen to see what you decide to feature, but I love it just the way it is.

  4. Ha!

    My addictions include nail polish, beauty products and hats.

    Yes, fashion, woot!

    Sure ... the rule is have good basics and update with a few new things each year ... I say you qualify as you are one of the most stylish people I know.

    Include whatever you want, just keep me entertained .. work can be mind-numbing, I need you. LOL

  5. My addiction matters on the mood. Sometimes I feel like I need to get as many empty boxes to pack stuff in, then there are the times where we don't have enough bath towels, Shoes, Always, shoes. I am obsessed with finding the perfect blue pen to write with, I buy one of every new pen I see to try it out, and always go back to the Papermate Profile. I have about six small journal notebooks all partially filled with random stuff....

  6. Nail polish. Lots of nail polish.

  7. @Just Jinny- Thanks. I am always comfy and feel good in my jeans and boots. I need a kindle, as I just "organized" my teetering tower of books on my nightstand.

    @Elizabeth- So you're cute AND you have dainty feet. Of course you do. Mine are a nine. I had a friend point at my shoes and exclaim "OMG! Those are like... MAN SIZED!". It was a man and let me just say that I probably outweigh him too. Neat.

    @It Is Ally- A girl can never own too many pair of cowboy boots. Cowboys optional. :)And thanks for answering my questions. As Mr. Darcy says, "I like you just as you are" as well.

    @Lou- You had better be busting out those hats, because I have yet to see you in one. I love hats too. If you show me yours, I'll show you mine!

    @Tina- I'm addicted to random thought too. I shudder with the empty box thing(maybe I'll tell you all about it some day), but who can argue with shoes and a good pen?

    @Tish- Ditto. OPI seems to be my fave... I love how they name their colors.

  8. Ok, note to self ... wear a hat Saturday night! ;)

  9. Found you on FTLOB.. Love the shirt and boots! I live in Florida now, so the hubs and I get strange looks sometimes when we wear our cowboy boots! You've got an excellent collection :)

  10. @Lauren- welcome! I'm new to FTLOB and find it really confusing! Help....

  11. I am new, too... I have NO idea what I'm doing! Haha I clicked a couple links... saw the name of yours, and it made me giggle so I came to check it out! That's about as far as I've gotten. I have a friend who has been doing FTLOB for a while now.. I'm going to bug her until she helps me :)