Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dining out with other people's children, nose jobs and cologne.

My girlfriend and I went out for her very belated birthday celebration last night. We decided that margaritas were in order so we went to a fairly new Mexican Restaurant called Zquila (must click on Gallery picture #7, where they show the proper use for a child) in town, where we were informed that the wait would be 60-65 minutes. Apparently we were the only ones in town who had yet to discover Zquila.We were able to order and drink our margs while we were waiting, which is always a major selling point, so we said "Okay, we'll wait". And then we filled the hour with an intense fun-for-all-ages game of people watching.

We proceeded to stand by the bar for awhile with minimal sticking to the floor, which made us proclaim Zquila to be the "Rio for Grown Ups"! We saw the typical Ft. Collins mix: attractive gym-rats, families with adorable children, hot singles, not hot singles, mismatched couples, cool tattoos and one nose job that immediately made us both observe a moment of silence in memory of the late Michael Jackson. We also enjoyed the decor, which was a refined, cool twist of live plants, a water feature, antiqued wood and lots of windows completed with rich wine-colored drapes.

We were digging this joint, plus we were liking their house "Zquila" margarita. Nom Nom.

By the time we took our seats we were ravenous. We had nothing but food on our brains and were just about to order when our "neighbors" were seated at the table north of us.

Now, as we all know, our "neighbors" in life can make or break a situation, just a the professor can make the class wonderful or wretched, or the pastor can make the church service uplifting or torturous. Our literal next-door neighbors come in a variety of flavors: crotchety complainers (Your dog was barking! Your tree is hanging into my yard! Your child ate my tulip bulbs! Your dog ate my chicken! Blah blah blah), friendly but distant smile and wavers (my personal choice), or overzealous friend-makers (Hi! Come to Zumba with me and join my Bunco group! Do you two swing? Can I borrow your ___________? *neck craning*What is going on over there? I hear power tools!). Just the same, the people seated next to you in restaurants can affect your dining experiences. You can have the "I take my child everywhere!" kind (Good for you. I am paying a sitter so that I can eat in peace for once.), the loud bellower (usually drunk), the pack mule (they have 49 things hanging off the back of their chair making it impossible to pass by on the way to the restroom) and the cologne drencher (who we got to meet last night. Yay for us).

We still don't know if it was the man or the woman. We do know that it was an overpowering aroma of cheap cologne- with the scent wavering on the line of bathroom deodorizer- and it made us both immediately contort our faces. The strong waft of our neighbor's cologne almost stifled our desire to eat. *Almost* (The steak fajita salad was DELICIOUS)

Note to self and readers: One dab= good, pouring the bottle over body and listening to your perfume drain out making that glug glug glug noise=bad.

Even with our neighbor smelling like they rolled around in all the perfume samples from the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble, we had a very enjoyable dining experience. Then we drooled on the shoes at DSW and my friend bought a pair. After that, we drove back to my house where we joined Brock in the watching of "Get Low", a film starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray. In the brilliant words of my fellow art students on critique day, "I like it. A lot."  Rent it. Watch it. Enjoy.

Margaritas+good food+shoes+cool flick=great start to the weekend for me!
Here's to you all having a wonderful weekend as well! Cheers! *raises coffee cup*

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. *gasp* i am choking for air....i just suddenly remembered a person that i had in my car last week....this person shall remain nameless, but mike sure had on a lot of cologne. a lot. a whole lot. my eyes watered.

    wish i had a margarita to numb my sense of smell. =P

  2. I, for some reason, always want to run from the "Do you two swing?" ones .

  3. The only thing worse in a BO mixed with too much cheap eau de toilette...YUCK.
    Sounds like such a good time though!