Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Difference #482 between me and my husband.

Tuesday and Thursday are PRESCHOOL days! Yay! I don't know who loves it more, Thing 1 or Mommy.

This morning my husband got Thing 1 dressed for school. Thanks honey! Then I saw what Thing 1 was wearing. It was the exact same clothing that he had worn yesterday. The same jeans and fleece that he was wearing to play outside, to nap (and he is like mommy and sweats when he sleeps, lucky dude) and to eat his meals (which always end up on the clothes). I was all "whyyy did you put that on him?" and he was all "whhaaaat? he only wore it yesterday?" and I was all "yes, which means it is now dirty."

I will say that I am guilty of wearing my jeans more than one day, and occasionally my jeans have a speck of crust on them (I have children... and I eat every meal like I am standing in front of a trough). But generally speaking I wear fresh clothes every day. Because that is what you do when you have access to clean water and a washing machine... and because I am an adult and I don't like to smell bad, or walk around with snot... or avocado?, no, it's egg! smeared on my shirt.  Call me crazy.

For the record, I know Thing 1 had a closet full of clean clothes to select from, because I had just done laundry (and even put it away. I know. I'm like a Wizard). My favorite part of my husband putting this outfit on him? He pulled it from the hamper, which contained other dirty clothes. I know this because I put them in the hamper last night. WTF?

For the record squared, Thing 1 changed into fresh clothes for school, and then I even brushed his hair. I know what you are thinking, and I too am waiting for my Mom of the Year plaque to arrive by FedEx any day now.

Here's my question to you: Does your significant other do this with your child?
Also: Does your significant other have to change his own clothes sometimes up to five times because everything he put on has been "recycled" and has food crusted on it?

Just wondering.


  1. yuck! i wear my "home clothes" several days in a row - depending if I'm doing yard work or sweaty or whatever, but I don't make a habit of pulling clothes out once they've hit the hamper. :) too funny!

  2. My husband has unknowingly brought our daughter to church in her pajamas. Does that count?

  3. I am a total sweaty sleeper too! One morning I woke up and my husband cheerfully said "morning sweaty!"- to which I instantly replied "fuck you!". Turns out he actually said "morning sweetie!" . . . uh ha ha ha. . .

  4. @texwisgirl- I will recycle work clothes too, but not going into public clothes.

    @Amy- Yes, That most definitely counts.

    @Ann- I love you. Clearly.

  5. man, i feel so ashamed right now. i am ever so guilty of wearing things two days in a row...especially if i've had something under it...like i'll wear a sweatshirt two days in a row or a sweater as long as i had a t or a tank under it.

    hubs tries not to tell the 11 yr old anymore what to wear anymore, and she tries not to pull anything out of the dirty pile. unless, of course, i've forgotten to do laundry. which is every week.

  6. lol my dad did this SAME ish to me when I was a kid. He made me go to school commando once...AND on another occasion let me wear pajamas to school.

    Sad...I'm embarrassed for him.

  7. Ok...I am totally guilty of recycling my own clothes. BUt in my defense, I do laundry for 6...count them, 6 other people!!! I am swamped. And I don't see real people anyway...just hubby and 4 dudes. BUT I don't let my kids recycle apparrel. I have boys...enough said!

  8. @Elizabeth- I wear sweaters over and over again too. And jackets. And I wear my bras a couple of days....I just sound like a hypocrite now.

    @Tish- Poor clueless dad. :(

    @Crystal- I'm with you on the short people's clothes. Those little dudes are MESSY!

  9. My husband is afraid to dress our baby at all because he's worried he'll create a mismatching outfit and that I will laugh at him.

    He does pyjamas, because that's easy. But no clothes.

  10. I leave Thing 2 in his pj's until after his first nap (he's sleeping, so pj's are the perfect choice!). But he is 11 months, not 3 1/2... Do you laugh at your husband? (Because I totally laugh at mine when he creates a "special" ensemble.)

  11. He doesn't do this to our children because we don't have any. And we don't have any because I know he would.

  12. I'm sure my husband would do this. Sure of it. (if we had kids)

  13. You are funny. I'm glad you can't see what I am wearing. And what I wore the previous three days.

  14. @sluice and Tova- must be guy thing.
    @Rachel-that is the beauty of the Internet. I could be wearing a clown suit when I typed this and no one would know. (I wouldn't wear a clown suit in reality, because clowns terrify me....)