Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cocky never pays off.

In light of the new and improved condition of my back, I decided to be a total fucking moron and plant some flowers that my friend divided from her garden and shared with me. I planted day lilies, red hot pokers and salvia; in case you were wondering.

Shovel+gloves+hard packed soil that used to be a horse pen= me needing wine, Advil and someone named Sven to give me a massage. Shhhh. Don't tell my husband, his back rubs are good but his hands feel like the metal rasps that farriers use on horses hooves. He works hard....and never uses lotion (get yer minds out of the gutters).

Why oh why do I have to do things like this?
Because I like to see pretty things bloom? Why can't I just be content with the view of my neighbor's 1979 camper trailer? Or my other neighbor's electric blue cattle squeeze chute?
Or maybe it was to hear Thing 1 say "You're a good worker Mommy." so that I could think "Shit yeah I am! I am one tough bitch."
Now, where is my ice pack? I kind of feel like crying a little.


  1. I sorry. Hope the garden pays off.

  2. I feel all your pain. I spent last Sunday trimming the bradford tree, pulling 12 year old monkey grass out of the flower bed and cutting down six shrubs. Tomorrow I dig out the stumps to 9 more shrubs and one dead tree, and rake out all the rocks from the beds; then I get to SHOP for all new stuff that I will get to plant! WooHOO. I look forward to the end product so much I can't wait, but I know I will be really sore.

  3. I bet if you smoked that salvia that would help your back pain.

  4. would you ever consider stitching that somewhere on the green leisure suit? "Shit yeah! I am one tough bitch." It wouldn't have to be big or anything, but I'm just trying to live vicariously through you here, as I do not possess the looks or the balls to wear whatever I want, and I don't have the guys to wear swear words in public. Do it. Do it, please.

  5. you definitely need a Sven, or some massage oils!

  6. @Brandy- it will, and I promise to stop whining now.
    @Tina- Ohhhh! Sounds like fun! I love shopping!!!
    @Floozy- I didn't know one could smoke salvia????
    @Elizabeth- That sounds like a job for the Cotton Floozy up there. And yes, I would wear it.
    @Tova- can I have both together?? :)