Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Magical Moment in Time

Last night I had the great pleasure of joining a friend who had recently birthed a little human for a child free dinner. It was marvelous. I even took some time and made myself look pretty. We had good food, wine and adult conversation, which is always a winning combination for me.

Dry Clean Only.

When I returned home, all was peaceful. The kids were sleeping soundly. I didn't even look at the kitchen! My husband and I enjoyed some more adult conversation while snuggled on the couch with a very serene Red Dog.

Crazy eyes? What are those?


She's such a quiet little thing.

Then we went to bed and that is when things really got fun. Not in the way you are thinking...

Thing 1 came crying into our room at 1 a.m. His cold had progressed yesterday. His head was really stuffy and his cough was pretty nasty. I rubbed some Vick's onto his chest and tried to get him to go to sleep. He laid in our bed whimpering and I heard my husband carry him back to his own bed.

Half an hour later and he was back in our king sized bed. 10 minutes after that, my six foot husband was jammed into Thing 1's bunk bed. When I sat up to check on my new tiny bed mate, who was howling about his ear, I knew immediate action needed to be taken. Some snot and a cough is one thing, but I don't think ear pain is anything to mess around with. Plus, Thing 1 never complains. I kept asking him all week how he felt and he would joyously answer, while snot was streaming down his face, "I just feel good!" or "I'm just great!". I decided that I wanted to drive him to the ER at this point, but when I got out of bed my body had other ideas. My husband found me lying face down on the bathroom rug with Thing 1 looking over my shoulder. Every time I tried to get up I would start to black out and fall on the ground. Then I had massive stomach cramping. Maybe the good food wasn't so good. Greeeaaaaat. So Brock took him to the ER and I drug myself back to bed where I laid in sweat drenched sheets. Lovely. What the....??? Thanks for serving me so well in my child's time of need, body.

I am happy to report that Thing 1 now has medication for an ear infection and I have been upright without fainting for almost an hour now. Pure Magic.

But this morning there was this bullshit:

happy freaking spring.


  1. oh my! hope you're both feeling better soon! even with the snow!

  2. Hope you both feel better soon! I hope the fainting isn't anything serious. Stay snuggled on the couch with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and you will all feel better.

  3. Take it easy for awhile and hopefully you'll both feel better soon.

  4. Hope you and your little guy feel better soon!!

  5. Snow!!! WTF?!?! On top of everything else, the weather has to start behaving badly too.
    I'm relieved to hear that only one member of the family had to go to the ER! I guess I'm used to you fainting ;) but that stomach cramping bit had me worried!

  6. We are feeling much better today. Little guy is on antibiotics and I really think I had some food poisoning. Nothing chicken soup and sweatpants can't fix.

  7. Sounds like you need some movies and pudding. (Pudding is a magic illness curing potion)

  8. Ohh! I like the way you think Tova. :)