Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why is the sky blue?

Huh? Let me think about that....

I would like to put a FAQ tab on my home page, but I have a little problem. No one has asked any questions yet. Maybe I need to be more mysterious and give people something to wonder about..... or maybe all of my readers are from my itty bitty hometown and already know everything about me. Hmmm. Well, if you can think of some great question, even if you think you already know the answer- please ask away. Here is my formal request:

Dearest Readers of the Land,
Please submit questions for me to answer in one (or all) of these three places:

1) Leave something fabulous and thought provoking in the comment box of this post.

2) Send your questions to my email

3) Post your questions on my facebook page (don't forget to click "like" and receive posting updates)

Also, if you are having any personal dilemnas and would like some advice, feel free to email me with your problems.  These problems could include, but not be limited to: relationships, children, cooking, decorating, and fashion.  I will post your emails with my responses on Thursdays. I can post them with or without your name- just let me know what you prefer. By doing this, you will give my something to do other than strutting around in a green polyester leisure suit and talking to myself.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. Doooooo YoooooUUUUU Speeeeeeeaaaaakkkkk Whhhhhaaaaale?

  2. Bahaha! Awesome. No, unfortunately I do not speak whale. I do however speak a tiny bit of pony, a wee bit o' car chasing dog and way too much stubborn ass.

  3. How in the hell do you put on a lime green leisure (and I'm pronouncing it "le'shur") suit and heels and take pictures of yourself while evilly stroking a half hairless cat, strutting a runway walk with a laundry basket and get what I KNOW are wishful thinking brownies out of the oven all with absolutely no trace of a smile???? I was about to die!!! Would you be willing to do a photo shoot with me so I can see how crazy it has to be before you crack?!? (and not a creepy, creeper photo shoot!) P.S. while all the pictures yesterday were awesome the double flip was my favorite! Awesome!

  4. just a simple question to start- when you don't feel like cooking, not one tiny bit, what do you throw on the table at meal time (barring trips to fast food joints or pizza delivery)?

    is this question box valid forever and ever? can i email you at any time with my burning questions and bother you incessantly? please?

  5. @Simple girl- I actually have no sense of humor and rarely laugh- so it was easy! lol! Yes. I will do a photo shoot with you. Brock can take the pics. I think we should drink first though.

    @E- That is a great question! I will answer it in a FAQ page that I will make later! :) Please bother me incessently, it can't be any worse than Max and Ruby/ Dora/ "mommy, I'm hungry!"/ "WAH!" you get the picture.

  6. LOL! The Sky is Blue or so they say... but what is blue and who are they?