Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where is my Irish luck-you tiny little bastard?

I would like to apologize for being delinquent with my posting. To be honest, my back hurts to the point of making me want to either cry, vomit, or sleep all day. I am not sleeping well, because of how sore I am, and I don't like to cry in front of my children (and vomiting makes me cry- because I am tough like that). Since I am actually doing none of the things that I "want" to do, that narrows down my daily options to:
1.) eating copious amounts of chocolate
2.) watching every reality TV show that will fit in my DVR's memory.

Because in the past five days I have only managed to (barely)cook for my family, read some children's books to my precious Things and watch The Bachelor, I have absofuckinglutely nothing interesting to say. Chili, no... hamburgers... And the cow jumped over the.... He has a TEMPER? Shocking. 

Please excuse me, as there is laundry to fold and some Advil with my name on it. Don't give up on me. I'll be better soon and sassier than ever.

Hey~Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Please drink a green beer for me (because there is no effing way I am leaving the house today).
 I'll have to reunite with my lime green leisure suit next year for its annual "air out" evening in honor of my Irish heritage (and apparent love of lime green double knit polyester). Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

I have never found a four leaf clover in my life. Is that some kind of a sign?


  1. Oh girl! That sucks!! You need to go to the Dr or chiropracter or accupuncture (that thought gives me the heebie jeebies!!)..but something, because that is NO fun. Plus being mama doesn't really go with lying around and not moving. Maybe if you had that advil WITH a green'd feel awesome for a couple hours. BUt the morning might bring on the vomit AND the tears!!

  2. What's going on with your back?!?!? And why do you not have adequate drugs to help alleviate your suffering?
    I do not recommend the acupuncture or excessive drinking, I've tried both for back pain with less than stellar results. Although looking back, the problem with the drinking was that I didn't start right back in again in the morning, just felt sorry for myself because my back still hurt and I had a hangover.
    I would ONLY recommend a chiropractor if the pain is muscular. If you have a herniated disc, or something along those lines, go to a Doctor. They probably won't help much either, but they won't make it worse. And they have the good drugs.

  3. @Moxie- I injured myself 14 or 15 years ago (bulged a disk) and I have had chronic issues ever since. Combine that with 2 pregnancies (c-sections), not enough time to work out, stress and lugging around a 20 pound baby all day and I am a delightful treasure. Add monthly cramps and I want to crawl in a hole. It will be fine. I seek treatment fairly regularly. It has just been a crap week. Boo.

  4. babe, i am so sorry to hear that you are in pain. i am doubly sorry to hear that you won't be busting out your green leisure suit. travesty.

    i feel dumb that i can't offer you better advice or a cure, but know that i am thinking of you and drank a green beer for you yesterday...even though it makes my stress-induces eczema flair up. =P

  5. Is this karma for the pillow fight fun? Because then I am NEVER having a sleepover. And also: I am SO SORRY that you are so much pain and want to cry. I hope it passes soon. Because I really think I need absolute photographic documentation in regards to this lime green leisure suit....

  6. Thanks ladies. You guys are awesome. And @Phoenix- No. My karma is perfect. Blahaha. Maybe I'll bust my leisure suit out to honor my husband on his birthday. I think he deserves it. ;-)