Friday, March 25, 2011

What do you do with a freezer full of beef? You cook it. And eat it.

I wanted to share a recipe, because it has been awhile and I need for you all to know that I do still cook for my family. (More than just cereal and brownies.)

My parents graciously bestowed "a whole lotta" beef upon us. The best thing about it? (Besides the fact that is was FREE!!!) It is grass fed Longhorn that they raised themselves on their ranch in Iowa. It is soooo delicious... and yes, to answer your question, Iowa does have ranches.

I am a Crock Pot whore for multiple reasons:

A.) I can prepare a meal during Thing 2's morning nap while Thing 1 is outside chasing the Red Dog around with a hammer or something shaped like a hammer.

2.) I don't have to think about cooking later in the day, when I am exhausted and the children are feral (like children like to be when you are trying to prepare dinner.... while exhausted).

3.) It is shiny, which immediately qualifies it for my love.
 I am considering bedazzling it...or writing a song about it.

Oh Crock Pot, how I love thee.

To the delight of my family (who are luckily extremely easy to please), I made up a recipe using a 2-3 pound arm roast, some cabbage, onion and tomatoes that needed to be used. Then I baked some potatoes, poured myself a glass of vino and served up some delicious gluten-free dinner to the fam. If you haven't read my recipes, prepare to be confused. Sorry, I cook with my gut more than the written word. It usually works out. Here is my "recipe", proceed with caution:

Johi's Roast and Cabbage 

2-3 pound beef roast (I used an arm roast)
1/2 head of green cabbage- coarsely chopped
1/2 white onion- chopped
3 large tomatoes- chopped (could use a can of tomatoes instead)
3/4 cup water with 1 tsp beef paste dissolved
dash of celery seed
dash of pepper
dash of Mrs. Dash

Cut the roast in half (it was half thawed) and put it in first. Then mix up the onion, cabbage and tomato and place on top of the roast (the Crock Pot was brimming, but I shoved it all in there). Pour the broth/water mix over the top and sprinkle on the seasonings.
Cook on high for 2 hours, then turn down to low for 3 hours. I turned it back up to high for the last hour (when I put the baked potatoes in the oven). In all it cooked for 6 hours (half the time on high) and was perfect. I believe if the roast was fully thawed you could easily cook on low the entire time for ~8 hours.
Serve to family. Watch with glee and wonder as your child eats it.
Disclaimer: Dish contains cabbage, which is known to cause "cabbage butt"----you may want to open some windows.


Yes, we know that we are dorks.
 Have a superfunderful weekend! My cousin is coming to visit so I need to go scrape the dried banana off the floor under the high chair so that she thinks that we are civilized.



  1. Oh, yumm-o ... will be stealing this one from ya. Will try to get by this afternoon with Mumford. ttyl

  2. seriously- wtf is an ARM roast?

  3. @Ann- I have no freaking idea. Last I checked, cattle don't have arms. That is what was marked on the package though!

  4. OMG! Ann's comment just made me spit water all over my desk and the files I am suppose to be working on! I'm guessing it would really freak her out to know we cook *Pork Butts* here in Texas. (which are really shoulders, but everyone calls them Butts).

  5. @Tina- another meat reference that I was not aware of. . . thanks for that! Henceforth all pork shoulders will be referred to a Pork Butts in my household. My god people how many more of these regional meat references are there!You HAVE to tell me more! Johi you should write a whole entry just about regional meat names for me! Plleeeaassse!

  6. Looks very good! We just had our side of beef delivered and I have a few roasts, to say the least! My daughter saw your crockpot and announced, "I LIKE her crockpot, its shiny! Ooooo! I like her countertops!" Then she begged to make roast for dinner. Yummy!

  7. I've never used the crock pot. I guess its time...

  8. Man, Johi, we so need to meet. I already knew I liked you, but the dried banana comment totally cinched it. And judging by the picture, our husbands would hit it off too. Beef + dorks = a really fun time.

  9. @Aubrey- Is this the daughter who posted on your blog, because if so, she is my favorite! :)
    @Brandy- You will thank me when that baby arrives!
    @Rita- Clearly. Let me know when your family visits Colorado (because everyone from the state of Iowa vacations here) and we will plan a meet-up. I'll be the one wearing the dried bits of food.