Friday, March 4, 2011

Reason #68 supporting why I need a new haircut... and probably botox

I actually got up early enough to shower this morning.

Okay, I'm lying.  I didn't get up early.  Thing 2 slept late.  Either way, I showered and it was a win win for everyone.

Then I did something crazy and unusual- I blew my hair dry- with an actual blow drier.

Guess what happened?

Yes, my hair dried, and without its normal lovely combination of frizz and lankness. But because I have been wavering between keeping the bangs and growing out the bangs, it dried in a swoop across my forehead.  Between that and the tremendous amount of wrinkles and baggy skin on my face, I now look like the old drag queen version of Justin Bieber.


Good Lord.  Why do I even try?

Then I dressed myself in an orange shirt with a pink vest. The day is already a wash, so what the hell... just because those colors aren't traditionally used together doesn't mean that I can't start a new trend, right? I personally like the combination*. *Maybe that is why my best art was always achromatic.....Eh.  It doesn't matter. There is no way on earth that I am taking my "old lady does Bieber" look into public. Ew, that sounded dirty. And no, I'm not showing you a picture.


  1. Maybe you can sell a clipping of your "old lady does Bieber" hair for $40K on Ebay, like Ellen Degeneras did with Bieber's hair.

  2. I love that idea! One problem, no one would buy it.

  3. That did sound a little dirty...but what the heck! I harldy ever shower and using my blow dryer is even more rare. You're all kinds of crazy but I like you like that!! Love ya!!

  4. It's true. I'm insane. Blahahaha! I can always tell when the end of the week rolls around. My brain is like instand oatmeal (cooked and mushy). I need a lot of wine... I mean a restful weekend... to revive me.

  5. Shut up, you're gorgeous. Way hotter than Bieber.