Monday, March 14, 2011

Pillow fight!

I did something on Saturday that I am now recommending to anyone and everyone I meet. No, I am not talking about going door to door to inform you of Jesus Christ~ I am talking about a slumber party for adults. Yes. YEEESSSSS.
(Get your minds out of the gutters!)

I can't say too much, because many really REALLY REALLY great secrets were divulged, but I will say that it was one of my favorite evenings of my entire life.

5 women+5 bottles of wines+5 hours on non-stop eating, laughing and conversation= AWESOMENESS that you cannot buy in a store.

Thanks ladies. I love you all.

The best part of this slumber party was that no one forced me into watching The Exorcist (You know who you are- and yes, I am still scarred!) and no one froze my bra, dipped my hand in warm water or short sheeted my bed.

Here are a few pictures from our evening (I am shocked that no one has asked me if I am a professional photographer):

It is sad that I didn't do a better job of capturing the label of this wine.
It was really good.
I think.
It was the last bottle we cracked open.


I don't remember what all this meant, but it was deep.

Ladies, tell your husbands that you have been craving a pillow fight with your hottest girlfriends, promise him pictures, then "forget" your camera at home. And always remember "What happens at the slumber party, stays at the slumber party."

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. sounds like you had a fantastic time!!!

  2. I am jealous as all get out. Totally green with envy over here. I would have rocked that slumber part!!

  3. that cartoon was so funny, i had to call my husband over to share it. i need a beer mug with that on it. =)

  4. I occasionally have sleepovers with my lady friends as well. The husbands get sooo excited about this. Here is the best graph jam that pretty much sums up the male perspective.

  5. No kids. No husbands. Lots of wine. LOVELY!