Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Got a Prize! And it didn't even come from a cereal box!

Just two days ago a fellow blogger by the name of sluicers inflated my ego and bestowed upon me a Pay it Forward blogging award. Apparently I entertain her because the other qualification for the award was to be "inspiring". Blahaha.

By the way, sluicers, I am totally jealous that your mom reads your blog.

Like anything in life, the award was not totally "free". I was instructed to link back to the person who gave me the award (see above for a general link to her blog, but please check out this post about her grandmother, because it is truly wonderful).

In sluicers' own words, this is what I am supposed to do: (I wrote the crap in blue- surprise!)

Here are the rules of the award:1. Link back to the person that bestowed the award to me. (check!)2. Disclose 7 things about myself. (are you sure that you want this.... really???)3. Pass this award along to 5 of my favorite blogs. (I did it- keep reading!)4. Contact the authors of said blogs and tell them of their awesomeness.  (can I just stand inside and yell out the door, like I do when I call my dogs?)5. Gush, blush, and do happy dances because I got an award. That's not an official rule, but I'll be doing it just the same. (I dance every day wearing my PJ's in my living room, so this won't be a problem)

Seven More Things That You Do Not Need  (or Want) To Know About Me:

1. I was probably the only bride on the planet that, two weeks before her wedding, was not concerned about losing weight, the seating chart or the menu, but was freaking the fuck out because I thought that I had contracted ringworm from the cat. All I could think about was how no makeup could cover a crusty, scaly patch of ringworm skin on my face...
P.S. Ends up that neither the cat or I had ringworm. Whew!

2. I once had some condescending ass tell me that "sarcasm doesn't suit you". Boy, was he wrong.

3. I really love digging in the dirt and you probably are in for a long spring where I drone on and on about my garden. Do you want to see a shit ton of pictures of flowers and vegetables? No? Too bad!

4. I used to be a Rodeo Queen. Don't be a hater. It was fun because rode my horse at full speed carrying flags and chased cattle. I tried out against one other girl and the judges told me that I interviewed horribly and that I only won because of my horse. Apparently I was not the most poised 15 year old on the planet....  who give a rat's ass because I WON. Suck it! But the best part was where I got to drape myself in socially unacceptable things like gold lame`, RHINESTONES (no, these are real diamonds!) and sequins. We all know how much I like shiny things.

5. I have written and started illustrating a children's book, but my fear of failure keeps me from doing anything with it, so I do laundry and dishes instead. I know. Inspiring stuff, huh?

6. I often have dreams (premonitions?) that later come true. I'm like a mother-effing seer.

7. I believe in ghosts because of personal experiences. None of them have been frightening, but I am still afraid of dying, horror movies and Michael Bolton.

Five People That I Know are Worthy of THE PAY IT FORWARD AWARD because they entertain and/or Inspire Me:

1. Crystal @ Surviving and Thriving in Mom-Dom : this mom of four boys is fun, poignant, real and wonderful. She'll make you laugh, nod while saying "Yessss!" and then she'll break your heart. Start reading and keep reading; I know you will love her as much as I do.

2. Elizabeth @ Flourish In Progress : She gave up shopping for a year and is taking a simultaneously comical and serious journey of self-discovery. I'm addicted to her (which is ironic because she talks a lot about breaking addictions.... see what you have done to me Elizabeth???? By the end of your blog I am going be a chain-smoking alcoholic with a gambling problem.)

3. Phoenix Rising @ Stumbling Towards Perfect : She is a mid-western gal who puts her dry, comical twist on the common place, real life stuff and literally makes me laugh out loud almost every time. I think I know my readers, and I am certain that you'll love her writing style. Go. Read. Snort.

4. The Cotton Floozy @ The Cotton Floozy : Just go~ look, laugh and order from her etsy shop. She fucking rocks. I love her creativity, her talent, and the fact that we share a sense of humor. J.K.W. + C.F. = Forever (too much? I think not.)

5. Aubrey @ The Inherited Table : A very well-written food blog from a fellow foodie, childhood friend and mom of four. Prepare to laugh, salivate, learn and be inspired!

So there you have it! More useless information about me and 5 GREAT New blogs to read!

Thanks again sluicers, I hope you are enjoying your friggin' cherry blossoms in sunny California.

Peace, Love, and Unicorns (or manicorns....),

P.S. If you are really nice to me, I may or may not post old rodeo queen pics.....


  1. You know, no one in my family reads my blog. Sometimes it makes me sad but oither times... whew.

    I have to go look your friends up! :)

    I once had a ringworn scare. I had a huge bruise on my lower back. perfectly round like a donut. Turned out it was a bruise or what you could call a "self-hickey" from my back getting stuck to the bottom of the bath tub after its been drained... Don't ask...

  2. OMG! I'm sorry to laugh at your drain accident but that made my morning! My mom doens't use a computer, but people from our tiny town tell her about my blog. Does that count?

  3. Friggin' cherry blossoms enjoyed? CHECK.

  4. Think about all those kids out there missing out on your brilliance...finish the book! Rock it! It's going to be amazing....I know because I am a psychic and I can see into the future. Also, your future does not involve chainsmoking or a gambling problem....a few nights with tons of cocktails...yes, maybe that. =)

    Thanks! I feel honored to make your list!!!

  5. I am soooo jealous, I would love to be able to socially wear rhinestones of uncountable numbers. But alas I have never been a Rodeo Queen, clown or random other rodeo anything. :0(
    Awesome for you though. I believe in my heart that every woman should own a pair of majorette boots and a tiara.

    I totally have dreams that later come true, and when husband is doing things he isn't really suppose to, like thinking of spending money on motorcylces and various selfish shit I alwasy just randomly call him with out knowing about it and he ends up feeling guilty.

    Husband beleives in ghosts. My jury is still out on that one.

    Thanks for the new reading list I will check them out! Congrats on your prize!

  6. Ah you're so sweet, and I absolutely love ya back!! My mom doesn't read my blog either...actually nobody in MY family does. How's that for supportive!? I accept the award and am totally honored. My hubby ruined blog awards for me. He made fun of me after my first one...and now my stubborn-ness won't let me get over it. Boo hoo for the fun-hater! So I will accept it (I'm all giddy about it!!) but I don't put them on...because hubby wrecked the fun. FUN HATER!!!

  7. J.K.W. + C.F. !!!! Yes! That needs to be stitched! On matching muumuus.

  8. Who, me?! I won a major award! I'm not worthy!!! Wow, thanks, I'm excited to read the other blogs! You make me laugh on an almost daily basis, THANK YOU!

    (My Mom does read my blog. As a former English teacher, she sends me links to my typos and spelling errors. Ugh.)

  9. I think it is clear why I love each and every one of you.