Saturday, March 5, 2011

How long was that hair growing out of my chin before I noticed it?

Since I live such a high profile and glamorous life, I thought that I would give my four loyal readers a glimpse into what a typical week is like at my house. I'm truly surprised the paparazzi aren't following me around, snapping shots of me buying apples and going through the drive through at the bank. I prepare myself by smearing on lipstick and slapping sunglasses on my face, just in case. Unfortunately I don't always get to shower... or brush my hair. Eh. This was last week (in random order):

Coffee laundry cooking kids screaming toys "Don't touch that!" dishes mail bills Internet wine laundry coffee kids screaming "TIME OUT!" laundry walk toys toys toys toys Laundry? dishes shower? wine diapers feed the baby diapers feed the baby diapers feed the baby walk Look I made a costume in 12 minutes! NAPTIME!!!! cookingcookingcookingcookingcooking diapers cleaningcleaningcleaningcleaning "Keep your hands to yourself!" walk? WALK! Why can't I sleep???? coffee screaming WINE cat hair cat ass in my face shower wine chocolate? Where the fuck is the chocolate? grocery store coffee laundry cleaning Internet!Yay! Why can I not stop the double spacing??? laundry why does the cat smell so bad? yoga-finally! diapers cook clean cook clean cook clean toys whine Wine. retail therapy.....

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, two of my talented and funny high school friends wrote a song about me.  No one has ever written a song about me before and I was quite flattered. In it they compare me to a delicate flower and a warm summer wind. They talked about what a beautiful soul I have and likened me to Mother Teresa.

No... no they didn't. 

It is titled "Hurricane".

Love you guy, too! No really, I do!

Actually, I seriously love it. It's a song... about me! How great is that? Brock would never write a song about me because:

1. Brock doesn't write songs.

2. Brock's strong suit is not his ability to write. He once wrote in a guest book, after staying at the beautiful home of a friend, "I like your house.  I would like to have it." I honestly couldn't make that up.

3. Brock shows me he loves me by busting through the wall in our bedroom to install a sliding door and then building a deck around the massive willow that I love (that lives outside the sliding door) so that I can sit on the deck, under the shade of the giant tree and look at my flower garden.

I guess I'll forgive him for not writing songs about me.....

Hey! Here is a fun tidbit:

You know this guy, right?

Thing 1 in the costume I made in 12 minutes
for Dr. Seuss day at Preschool. How cute is he??
 I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. I found a pair of jeans ON SALE that make me look like I still have an ass, so it has been good thus far.

Thanks to my hot firefighting friend for the title of today's post. I shot coffee trough my nose when I first read it and I can only hope you do the same.

Peace, love and unicorns,


  1. Good post! I had a good weekend I was able to actually fit into size 10's again! Woo Hoo! The working out at the gyme is actually paying off!

  2. hahahaha! That's about how my day goes!! We have actually been sick for weeks at our house...all last week, it was I that fell victim. But I'm finally feeling better. Now I need to get back onto my know, now that I can breathe again. Oy vey!! Now our 7yo is sick :( Will it ever end?? We need some S-U-N!

  3. Woohoo Tina! Go TINA! It's your Birthday! Go TINA !The fact that I am allergic to... well.. food seems to be a pretty good diet plan for me.

    Crystal- My Things have been battling the crud this week. I have warded it off so far, but I am dragging... ugh. Sun will help. Hugs to you all. :(

  4. oh man, you had a "where the fuck is my chocolate" moment too?! i was so desperate yesterday for chocolate (which we rarely keep in the house because it leads to trouble.) that i ripped open two packets of hot chocolate and mized then in semi tepid water for my choco fix. i need help.

  5. @Elizabeth- the fact that you did that makes me exceedingly happy!

  6. Gah. Previous attempt at comment failed. I wandered here from the Bloggess. Because I just posted about chin hairs too! I need jeans that make my butt disappear.

  7. please don't ever let Brock leave a comment in the Guest Book at a funeral. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Thing 1's hair is AWESOME!)