Thursday, February 17, 2011

I need better craft supplies...and some other stuff.

I was drinking my cup of Yogi Ginger tea and I looked down at the used teabag to absorb the Yogi's words of wisdom:  "Delight the world with your compassion, kindness and grace"

I almost spit my tea all over Thing 2, and then I thought to myself, "Hey!  I'm compassionate and kind!"  I think graceful might be pushing it, as I am thinking about breaking my knee by tripping over my teammate's foot, or the countless times that I have sprained my ankle because I fell off my shoes, or stepping out of the saddle only to have my boot get caught and landing "ever so gracefully" on my head.  So yeah, let's stick with compassion and kindness....

I'm going to challenge myself with the Tea Yogi's insight for the remainder of February.  I won't even count things like smiling at the really cute guy driving the truck who is sitting next to me at the stoplight.

Until then, let me show you what Thing 1 and I made yesterday while the wind was howling outside.

When my childhood bff and I were in Denver to meet The Pioneer Woman have lunch and pick up some new books, we passed a shop with the cutest crafty decoration hanging in the window.  They had taken pages of an old book and cut hearts out using the center fold. Then they strung them together with red yarn and made a window dangly thingy. Each heart was made of two pages and opened up to have four points.  Am I confusing you yet?  Well, anyway, it was cute and yesterday I used that string of hearts as inspiration for our new window decoration.

I refuse to cut up books (mainly because I sold my college text books back to the campus bookstore many years ago) so I used the [still unanswered] book club questions that I printed off the Internet and shared with my girls last Thursday.  Thing 1 and I cut out shamrocks and leprechaun hats, glued them together so there was text on both sides and painted them with green finger paint.  We stuck a few of them on the glass.  The others we punched with a hole punch and strung together with some green twine (as shown above). We hung those in the center of the window.  It was actually pretty fun.  Although, just like every other day of my life, I found myself jonesing for spray glitter.....  Now I am just waiting around for my green beer.

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  1. What a good mama doing all those crafts. I'm not gracefull either...but I'm ok with it. Well, I guess I have to be!!