Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Huh? I'm with Chalwy.

Multiple times a day I find myself reprimanding Thing 1, you know, since I am his mom and he is three years old.  What I have discovered, beside the fact that the majority of what I say sounds like "Wah wah wah" to my family, is that I have a really irritating habit of saying "shall we?"; especially after I gently recommend a change of plan to my child to help guide him through his life. Never fear, Thing 1 is determined to fix me.  Let's hear the story, shall we?

Thing 1 ::playing the musical bunny that sings Jesus Loves The Little Children 800 times in a row::
Me:      "Let's turn that off, shall we?"

Thing 1  ::rolling around on the floor and "accidentally" clobbering Thing 2 with his flailing feet::
Me:       "Let's calm down, shall we?"

Thing 1  ::admiring his peanut butter accented hand prints on the big mirror::
Me:       "How about we wash our hands, shall we?"

Thing 1  ::testing his "volume 11"::
Me:       "Let's play the quiet game, shall we?"

Thing 1 ::mining for gold::
Me:      "How about we don't pick our nose, shall we?"

Thing 1 ::exploring::
Me:      "Let's not touch our private parts so much, shall we?"
Brock:  "It's only the start of a life long love affair."
Me       ::chuckle and eye roll::

The problem with this, aside from being redundant and irritating, is that I don't think that Thing 1 is even listening to my profound messages.  Like, at all.  Because he always has the same response, which I somehow am always surprised and amused by- probably because I didn't realize just how often I was saying "shall we".

Thing 1: "I'M NOT CHALWY!"  ::runs out of the room::

This is how I know he is not listening, because he doesn't even think I am talking to him, and if I am, I am just that moronic lady who keep forgetting his name.

Following this line of thinking; according to both Thing 1 and my husband, my name is actually "Huh?".


  1. bwhahahahahaha!!! Omg!!LOL!!! That is so frickin' funny!!!! I say "like" all the time...so now you understand my affection toward my blonde roots!!! I'm apparantly a 16 year old cheerleader from teh valley!!!!

  2. ok so you know when you go to post a comment on here and it asks you to retype the random "word" below so they know it's not a computer doing it?!?!?! My word was "Rearess"
    It makes me feel dirty AND regal all in one :)

  3. Try it with a British accent. Sounds so much less naggy. I have this belief that if I spoke with an accent my kids would listen to me. (Watching Super Nanny will do that to you.) Unless you have a British accent already, then I can't help you. By the way: DYING with laughter on this one! "I'm not Chalwy!" HAAAAAA!!!