Monday, February 14, 2011

Gettin' *all kinds* of lovey dovey on Valentine's Day.

My husband and I received a special gift last night when Thing 1 finally went down for his nap at 3pm......  then he stayed asleep- all glorious night. This allowed for a few irregular events:

1. Thing 2 (for maybe the first time in his entire life) got the full attention of both mommy and daddy.  He was full of himself.  He thought that he was a rock star, or Ryan Seacrest.  Then we bathed him in the kitchen sink (maybe for the last time because the little dude is quickly turning into a big dude), dried him off and put him in the most ridiculous pair of baby pj's on the planet.

Yes folks, that is a baby trap door. 
2. Neither my husband nor I were hungry so I didn't cook!  Therefore, I didn't have to clean the kitchen, or the table, or the floor under the table.... and IT WAS AWESOME.  We chose the nourishing meal of wine and chocolate.  Yay for antioxidants.

3. Thing 2 goes to sleep at 7:30ish, so we had a little time before the imminent evening zombie transformation. Instead of watching The Grammy Awards, we used it to actually organize *gasp!* our office. Okay, we did it while watching The Grammy Awards (We heart Mumford and Sons!!!)... Anyway, do you remember what the office looked like last week?  It was shameful.  Honestly, it looks like that most of the time. If I had any energy left in my sleep deprived body to care, I would be mortified. But, with our magically gifted time last night we made major headway. We sorted.  We payed bills. We pitched.  WE FILED.  We cleaned. Miracles really do happen. Look!!

Aha!  There really are smooth surfaces here.

Then, because I am a caring, loving, thoughtful and considerate woman, I generously presented my husband with a box of chocolates. I made sure to buy the kind to which I was allergic, because itchy hives and a swollen throat are the only guarantee that I won't inhale them all while he is at work.  Yes, I am the epitome of willpower.  I also gave him this card...

It is hard for me to pass up a "teaching moment",
even if it is Valentine's Day.  I know.  I'm really neat.

My shitty card was supposed to be funny, but it was completely upstaged by the sweet, romantic card that I found this morning (on the desk in the spanking clean office).  This should thoroughly demonstrate the fundamental difference between me and my husband.

This card also contained a heartfelt handwritten message
that is too private to share. Once again, it is clear who is
the better half in this relationship.

I read my card, sighed and then I threw some pork steaks and root vegetables in the crock pot for dinner.  All done~ I'll serve it with wine and cornbread and call it a "one pot romantic dinner that I don't have to think about later".  I'm oozing gush.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day.  

Happy Valentine's Day to my fabulous readers.
This Valentine reminds me of my favorite bathroom stall poems:

Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke a little leaf,
Jack fell down and broke his crown
and Jill said "Where's the Beef?"

Just keeping it classy.


  1. That sounds like an enjoyable evening. Hubby and I need one...our kids were extremely high maintenance all weekend! We were in bed by 9 last night!!! They are sucking the life right out of us!!! I got hubby a card..but haven't given it to him yet (I forgot to sign it...I suck!) So I'll give it tonight..if I see him..Mondays are crazy!!

  2. OMGosh I love Mumford & Sons too ... I didn't think anyone else knew 'who in the hell' they are, tho. LOL :)

  3. So on those baby pajamas with the trap door-- When I was in China there were parents carrying around little babies in pajamas that had a big hole in the bottom, but no door to cover the trap. What alarmed me about these babies was that they ALSO WORE NO DIAPERS. Basically, the Mom was going to get some kind of signal when the baby needed to go and then take it outside to use the gutter or something. Maybe this was "elimination communication". I don't know.

  4. I had no idea who Mumford & Sons were .... but now I love them! Or at least that one particular song. We did nothing for Valentine's Day. Because we suck. But on a positive note, at least I wasn't upstaged!