Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree, Part Two

People have been heard asking my mother, after reading my blog "Where does Johi's (insert: weirdness, wit, sarcasm, humor, sickness...whatever) come from?"

My sweet, sweet mother replies, "Well, not from me."

Case in point:

My parents recently returned from a two week trip to Florida (we won't talk about how much Thing 1 would love to go to Disney World, because everyone knows Mickey Mouse is for grandparents- not children).  On said trip, they visited Naples, Florida, where they discovered a doggie day spa, perfectly manicured lawns, and lots of well-mannered, high society people walking well-behaved, highly pedigreed dogs.  They saw one well dressed lady pushing an particularly ugly, hairless pug in a doggie stroller.

My cowboy hat wearing John Wayne of a father clomped up to this perfectly coiffed lady and peered into her dog stroller. 

He looked from the dog to the lady and said with a stone sober expression, "Surely he favors his father."

Apparently, the lady was not pleased (or amused)... but I sure was.

So, where do I get "it" from? It's not a great mystery.  Surely I favor my father.


  1. How does Thing 1 even KNOW about DW? We've managed to keep it a secret from K so far.

  2. hahaha!! That's so frickin' funny!!! Well, I think I would probably really like your dad because I LOVE you!!

  3. Awe shucks! Thanks Crystal.
    @Francesca- He really doesn't know that DW exists, I am just assuming that he would love it. I am 100% sure that I am correct in my assumptions...

  4. Brand new reader here---you got me on this post! LOL! Subscribing now.

    PS. I came over from the comments on the post of the person who made up your blog background! Rather roundabout route I know.

  5. Too funny!! That sounds like something my Dad would say!
    I'm so glad you like the background Johi, it looks great over here!

    P.S. Thanks for the link :)

  6. @Natalia- Yay! I love new readers!
    @Karen- Thanks again- I love it! You're the bomb!