Friday, January 28, 2011

There is a fundamental difference between my husband and I.

When I am driving, I wait at the stoplight with my truck in gear and my turn signal on. When the light FINALLY turns green, I go. If someone is sitting in front of me, not paying attention, I always briefly consider ramming into them. I am still shocked that I don't have high blood pressure.

When my husband is driving, he sits at the stoplight with the truck in neutral and uses no turn signals.  Ever.  When the light turns green, he finishes his sentence, casually finds first gear and slowly enters the intersection.  He definitely is not a candidate for high blood pressure, but he may very well be the cause of mine.

The End.


  1. I'd be screaming go every time you're will him and the light turns green. Its called conditioning. hehe

  2. hahaha!! He's the driver you're going to ram! Slightly ironic...but that would drive me crazy too. I have a slight case of road rage so I would probably honk hysterically at him!