Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Weekend in Nebraskee.

I am blessed with a very loving and generous family.  This Christmas, they not only showered my children with enough gifts to sink the Titanic, they also filled our freezer with meat, bestowed a Cabela's gift card upon us and presented us with a king sized suite (the size of our house) in Sidney, Nebraska~ right across the interstate from the "original" Cabela's.  We conned some poor unsuspecting friend into watching our Things and pets for the weekend and hit the road!* 

*Right after we searched frantically for an entire hour for the lost Cabela's giftcards (from the previous Christmas as well), which we never found. I think my husband and I were doing a pretty sufficient job of working up a couple of ulcers over that little fiasco. Never fear!  We stopped at a liquor store and I sipped yummy gluten-free beer all the way to the Holiday Inn.  It was good that I was drinking because my husband used our time alone to tell me all the details of his new job as a heating and air service technician.  Yawn. I was fully relaxed (i.e. almost comatose) when we arrived.

The next morning was spent sleeping until we were done sleeping (uh... 7:30 how lame is that?  We were also hoping to use our AARP card at a local Country Buffet for the early bird special, but we failed to locate one.) We had our coffee (in silence!), exercised (uninterrupted!), showered (I lingered!) and eventually we did venture over to Cabela's.  We knew that we were in the right place because the parking lot was 75% pick-up trucks.  Because of my insane good luck, or maybe it was because Cabela's employs some wonderful people, the manager was able to retrieve our unspent and lost gift cards.  Miracles really do happen. We bought socks... and shoes.... and some other stuff.  It was great, except we had that eerie feeling like we were being watched the whole time.

After we finished our shopping spree, I lovingly requested that the hubs pose
 with our bags on the cute park bench.

I'm so sweet.
We then did some exploring around the town of Sidney.  It is your typical, small Midwestern town....

We were going to go to this movie theatre, but once we put on our
new matching (because we are that dorky, and they were ON SALE) pajama pants,
we had no desire to leave the hotel room.  Hey, now that we have matching clothes,
maybe we can finally take up square dancing.

There were a few sketchy places.....
This one sports a sign that declares "KEEP OUT"
I say "Thanks! I honestly never wanted to come in!"
 and some scary houses...... 

I'm surprised Brock and I didn't put an offer on this place. 
We loves us some fixer uppers.

and homemade signs....

My personal favorite.

 Then we passed this house.....

It took up half a block and seemed oddly out of it's element. 
Like it should be in LA.
Brock wanted to stop and knock on the door. 
I kept smacking him and yelling "DRIVE!"
(as I was taking pictures, like a creepy stalker).

We quickly deduced that this must be affiliated with Cabela's.  It sure didn't belong to the folks who owned the bar where we ate lunch.  Although the burgers were ridiculously good, the place had not been remodeled (or even touched with a paint brush) since sometime in the early 1980's?

A normal person would have taken a picture of the actual food. 
1.  No one has ever accused me of being "normal".
2. I was super hungry, and when I am hungry I eat with the speed of a go cart.
3. It was potentially the best Swiss mushroom burger that I have ever eaten. Ever.

Satisfied? Why yes I am.
 I strongly recommend vacationing in Sidney, NE.  The people are super nice, the beef is delicious, and there are no crowds, no lines and no stress.

Pretty Plains!


  1. I've never been to NE. But then I haven't been much of anywhere.

  2. Oh, this brings back memories ... we use to make a trip or two every year from Laramie to Sidney back in the college days. Glad you had fun! That is my kind of va-cay.