Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh! Sparkles....

When I was in Denver over the weekend, my girlfriend cleaned out her closet and donated her unwanted items to me.  She had some super cute stuff in her pile of rejects. Because I LOVE free stuff, I took most of it..... even though she is smaller and younger (and cuter... and more stylish) than I.  Among the items was this top, which brilliantly showcases the fact that I desperately need to work out, among other things.

Cute and sparkly!
I properly frumped it up with a sweater (to cover the lumps).
 Apparently I am not the only one in the house who enjoys pecking at shiny things.

As I watched Thing 2 methodically pluck all of the little gems off my top with obsessive compulsive attention, I realized that I passed yet another of my genetically superior traits on to my offspring.

Maybe I'll try to look "cute" again tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll just submit to my sweats* and let the children tug at me, drool on me and yank my hair like I am their favorite stuffed animal...

*most likely this option will occur


  1. ooooh I like that shirt!! And I put sweaters over everything...because I'm always cold!! My 2 year old still does that, and it drives me nutso!! But he also tries to eat my it could just be that my kids are SUPER weird!

  2. Cute t-shirt! I completely get the sweater thing. My hubby bought me a black sweater for Christmas that I now wear over everything. Everyday. I refer to it as my "woobie". He says he can no longer remember what I wore before the sweater came into my life. I have got to be the sexiest girl I know, NOT!

    I feel you pain regarding the 8mo old now pulls on my already thinning hair, my shirt, my earrings, my necklaces...pretty much anything she can get her hands on.

  3. I need a "woobie". Actually, I think my black buttonless cardigan is heading that way, but it may be outpaced by the grey cardigan I'm wearing now.

    I have a whole collection of necklaces that I can only put on as I'm going out and leaving the one-year-old with a sitter. And after reading this post I'll probably wait to get any embellished clothes for another year.

  4. Also, I have an award for you on my page if you'd like to have it.