Sunday, January 23, 2011

LOOK! I received a prize!

There are a week's worth of posts that I am working up in my feeble brain.  They range from *possibly*the world's oldest (and most wonderful) horse to our "adults only" trip this weekend. Let's hope that my Things sleep a great deal this week so mommy can write.  I'll give you a hint- vacationing in Nebraska can be AWESOME, especially if you go with superfunderful people like me or my husband.... and have a room with a hot tub and a ginormous bottle of wine. 

In the meantime, I would like to share an award that I was honored to receive from myfriendwhomIhaveneveractuallymet Brandy at Consequently Slapdash.  She is sassy, fabulous, funny and gorgeous!  And I LOVE PRIZES!!!!! I warned you all about my stellar luck and great capacity to win things in this post .  First of all, I would like to send this award right back to her. Thanks Brandy!  You seriously made my day, and I have even had coffee and chocolate.... 

And now I am supposed to list five of my guilty pleasures and pass this along to three bloggers. (spell check suggested that I use loggers or floggers instead of bloggers.  Awesome.)
I am really good at following instructions, as I exhibited earlier today when I opened a Dove Dark Chocolate and it demanded me to "stir your sense of pleasure".  I then stirred up a batch of brownies.

The three bloggers that I would like to pass this strawberry topped cheese cakey sweet award to are *drumroll*......

The Caped Cupcake- Because she fucking rocks. She is a stay at home mom of three and she is hilarious.  Plus, she is from Jersey, so put a Jersey accent on everything you read from her and it just keeps getting better! She is the only person capable of making me laugh so hard that I throw my head forward and chip my front tooth on a beer bottle (hypothetically speaking, of course....).  And I haven't even mentioned her cupcakes.  You must go to her blog and tell her to move to Colorado, where I am making brownies out of a box, and rescue me with her homemade creations!  Do it!

Moxie Tonic- This lady is extremely talented in all things aesthetic: clothing, interior design, a Pomeranian named Moxie and her ability to rock awesome retro bangs.  She is so classy that she doesn't even diminish herself to flagrant use of swear words.  She also comments often [on facebook] about how cute she thinks my children are (bonus points), we once shared a love of green plastic shoes and she was my college roommate.

Fighting Off Frumpy- She is a very funny, loving mother to a herd of boys.  Her wit, humor and "real" take on being a stay at home mom make me love her.  You will too.  Plus, she's from Iowa!  Holla!

Here are my five guilty pleasures:

1.  I often pretend like I am listening to people, when in fact I am day dreaming about a shirtless Hugh Jackman. Sometimes that makes me feel guilty, especially when the other person is crying.

2. I often covet other people's things (like big beautiful houses on green rolling hillsides with fainting goats and big trees... or sometimes just shoes).  Whoopsies.

3. Sometimes I lock the door when I go into the bathroom, so that I can pee in peace.  Sometimes I even shower while I'm in there.  And if I am feeling really selfish, I blow dry my hair. I'm cRaZy like that.

4. Huh?  Was that the timer for the brownies?

See?  I can follow instructions!


  1. I often drift into fantasy world when I'm "done listening" to ppl

  2. Ahhhhhhhh I love you! And my first CO purchase will be a mouth guard for YOU :)

  3. Oh, Johi, thank you ... from the bottom of my logging, flogging, Iowan heart. :) This is going in my trophy case, mama! Aww yeah!

  4. Oooh, prizes! Although now I have to do work and make a post of my own ;)
    You two do make really, really pretty babies! Almost makes me want one too... Almost.