Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hubs

I have a thing that I enjoy, because I am often bored and under stimulated, where I liken people that I know to famous people.  It is a fun way to pass the time- you should all try it!

As I am sitting here "watching" Field of Dreams (when I say watching, I mean it is on in the background while I am typing), I am reminded of how I think that my husband resembles Kevin Costner.  It is like they are brothers (my husband actually looks more like Kevin Costner then he does his own brother...).  This thought has always been appealing to me, as I generally like movies starring Kevin Costner, and I find him attractive.

Exhibit A:

Mr. Costner and his wife

My hub and I.  Kevin's wife has WAY better boobs.

So there I am, in labor with Thing 1.  We check into the hospital and a nurse walks up to us with a smile on her face.  She says, "Your husband looks just like an actor....."

I respond with pride, "Yes!  he looks just like Kevin Costner!"

She says, "No.... it is that guy from the movie Beerfest..."

This guy. Nat Faxon.
Exhibit B:

Okay.. I guess I can see it.... his grill is pretty messed up though.

Oddly enough, here is my guy with a beer...
This nurse kind of shattered my fantasy, in all honesty.

Here I thought that I was married to this...

Smoldering, sexy Kevin Costner....
And she thought that I was married to this....

Do I really need to elaborate here?

Why did she point this out when I was about to give birth to his child???  Maybe if someone would have alerted me to this when I was wedding dress shopping, perhaps???

All kidding aside. What truly matters is that I married the guy that lets me sleep while he gets up in the night to tend to the demands of our Things.  I married the guy that puts his family first.  I married the guy that doesn't whine about "me time" or frequent any bars (unless I am with him).  I married the guy that adores his wife (and I am hard to adore on some most days) and his children. I married the guy that works two jobs so that I can stay home and raise our kids. I married the guy that brought me a dish of reheated spaghetti as I huddle on the couch, feeling sickly and type this.

So whether my guy looks like this dude...

or this dude...

I know that I married a hardworking man, an attentive father, and a supportive husband.... who apparently looks like two other dudes that also like blondes.  But he has something that they don't have.  He has......... wait for it........... a porn star name.  BROCK WAGNER.  I know, right?


  1. THat's so funny. I like the Kevin Costner one....only with a less hairy chest! And you are quite the looker....what are you talking about!! You're smokin' hot!!!

  2. That nurse needs glasses or her prescription checked!! You have more of a Kevin Costner handsome looking husband rather than that other guy! You two are a very attractive couple and I'll bet your "Things" (LOL!!) are really cute too!!!

  3. You got your (Kevin Costner look-a-like) dream guy! Lucky, lucky you!

  4. Yep- It's all lollipops and rainbows here. lmao!

  5. This is one of my favorites for sure..."Do I really need to elaborate here?" bhahaha

  6. no idea why my username looks like that, but this is emily lol

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