Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to find "Your Style".

My husband took yesterday off of work so that I could actually rest, which totally aided in my currently upgraded health and wellness today.  I even had a semi-productive morning. Aside from continually cutting at and consequently eating the brownies to make the line "even", I also had enough energy to pick up toys, feed the children, clean the kitchen and, of course, do some laundry.  It was magic. Honeslty though, the best part was when my husband told me that he was "more exhausted after one day of doing my job than he was going to work a ten hour day at his job".  It is good to be appreciated.

Earlier this week, as I was struggling to do minor things (like breathe through my nose), I was starting to beat myself up over the condition of my house.  It was thrashed.  I had gotten it under control last Friday, only to watch it spiral into looking like a cross between a yard sale and an episode of Hoarders.  It is truly amazing what children, pets and complete and total lack of motivation to move from the couch can do for your home.

FYI, I love good design.  Interior Design was one of my [many] majors in college.   I am genuinely not super talented on the design front, but I love the process and believe that I am getting better as I age (like a nice smelly cheese).  One of my roadblocks has been liking such a variety of design that I have had a hard time pin-pointing exactly what is "my style".  I favor everything from Frank Lloyd Wright to turn-of-the-century farmhouses to reclaimed log and stone structures.  Although it is a good thing to appreciate multiple periods and styles, there is only so much you can do with the word "eclectic"before it turns into "crazy lack of focus". 

I decided to get serious about finding "my style".  The first thing that I did was flip through magazines and mercilessly rip out pages of spaces that inspire me.  Then I stashed them in a box.  Then that box started to overflow, so I found a bigger box.  Then I added more stuff I liked, moved that box about 186 times and I finally decided to get organized (gasp!). I bought clear page protectors and a binder. I categorized and inserted pictures an made a Inspiration Book.   I creatively titled it My Inspiration Book.

What I found out was this:

1) I seriously do like more than one style, so I clearly should own multiple homes.

2) I like white on white on white- which is funny (and sad) because I love to paint rooms with color and I  own pets and children.

3) I am obviously a good  the best candidate to win the HGTV Dream Home.

4) When you focus and organize- you unconsciously make things happen.  This is true.  Fer Reals.

5) It is nice to be married to a man that is a craftsman and that doesn't have the word "no" in his vocabulary, and is a craftsman.....and doesn't have the word "no" in his vocabulary.

6) God must have made a tiny error, because I am plainly supposed to be financially independent.

7) I like making lists and categorizing things.

8) I don't like clutter.  It actually paralyzes me, gives me migraines and makes my stomach hurt (I am seriously unstable).

9) I like art and spaces that depict calmness  ~ evoking the desire to take deep breaths and relax.. for once.

10) I like tons of windows and light, high ceilings, natural wood, hard floors with plush rugs and clean lined furniture.

11) I am not living in the right house, nor do I own the right furniture.

12) Chickens are charming.... in pictures, and I think I want a miniature donkey.... and goats.

13) My current garage is the type of building that could be used in a horror film.  Seriously.

14) I like warm weather and green things (duh).

15) I am not one of those people that live in a perfect house, where there is no clutter, no dog hair and no fluorescent kids toys.  I would like to be, but it just ain't so.  (I hate the word ain't, but it seemed to fit here.)

If you are floundering in your living space (like I am), take heart.  The kids will outgrow their toys, which you can then sell at a yard sale (or if you watched Toy Story 3~ you can hoard them in the attic or donate them to a precious small child who will love them).  Dogs and cats don't live forever (and when they go I will bawl like a baby, then run out and find a baby dog/ itty bitty kitty that reminds me of the one that died and start the whole process again).  It is good to have hideous furniture when your children are young so that you don't yell at them when they inevitably: 1) jump on it 2)puke on it 3) color on it 4) tear it 5) chew on it (still talking about the kids here....) and 6) generally ruin it. Most importantly, know that you are not alone.  Probably anyone with small kids is floundering with their space,and if they aren't, they are probably yelling lying cleaning a lot.

This is not my house.
Photo from Country Home Magazine.


  1. I do miniature dollhouses so I can have fun with all the styles on a tiny budget lol.

  2. Okay...two more things that we have in common. I also love interior design, hate clutter (it gives me hives), love making lists, and am all over the board in my style preferences. And I SO badly want a white/light blue/light tan (cool toned) color scheme in my house right now. However, it would be impossible with children AND everything I currently own is either black or brown or red. I am literally on the other end of the color wheel from where I want to be right now. I do not see any white or light blue in my immediate future.

    The second thing we have in common? My husband also graciously stayed home with our kids yesterday too....for like 14 hrs straight. He texted me once to say "I would not want your job". Then when I called later to ask how it was going he said, "Well, no one is dead or I guess everything is okay."

    I wish we lived closer. We have so many topics to discuss :)

    And....I should get the award for longest comment. Ever.

  3. I hate clutter. My mantra is a place for everything and everything in its place. Our problem is the kids (and hubby) don't buy into that concept. Plus there is WAY too much stuff for the space that I have! I'm not good at design...sure wish I was, though. Doesn't matter, however, the boys I live with don't see the necessity of pretty and design. I can't buck the wind forever...they wear me down!!!