Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awaiting Inspiration...

In a foggy, medicine-headed cleaning frenzy, I ripped down 80% of my Christmas decorations early last week.  Then I got tired.  I'm still tired.  I am patiently waiting for my next energy and inspiration burst so that I can finish the task.  Until then, my spare bed looks like this.....

Yes, I realize that there is a baby seat on there too.
 I took the baby out of it, so what's the problem?
 I like my guest room to say, "Welcome guest!  We think of you as family.  Make yourself comfortable, but first let's grab those tubs down from the attic and store away this dusty pile of plastic greenery."

Also, that is why Thing 2's crib is in the same room. The diapers and wipes are in plain sight, so our company doesn't need to do any pesky rooting around through drawers to find the needed supplies when he wakes them up with his britches full of pureed sweet potato.  We're generous like that.
I feel like my next calling in life might be to run a Bed and Breakfast...  Here, hold my baby while I look into that.


  1. Lol! It won't be inspiration...at least it never is for me. Its pure, unadulterated madness that eventually, uh, "inspires" me. Typically, it consists of me (in a crazy, screaming OCD fit of rage-yelling at everyone in the house) throwing away anything and everything in my path. Some people refer to it as "cleaning". It resembles a tornado. My family generally hides. That's how we roll.

  2. You are inspiring. I think that a guest room would be the perfect place for my cat's litter box.

  3. @Aubrey- we may have been separated at birth.
    @Tattytiara- Bahahahaha!