Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night

I love it that I am the person my friend calls while she is purchasing her new vibrator.

That is it. I am seriously pleased by this fact.

Oh wait. Am I the only one who thinks Vanilla Ice comes off as a total douche on "The Vanilla Ice Project"?  I don't know one remodeler who wears their hat like that.....  I have yet to see him do any actual work.
Oh, and to the guy who showed up at my doorstep trying to sell me steaks and other various meat out of his truck, "Seriously dude, a little more time on your appearance (read: trying NOT to look like a homeless stoner) might make you more successful with door to door sales."  As for telling me that I can pay you with food stamps.... hmmm.... what to say, what to say?  Guess I wasn't looking too hot myself.   But then again, I wasn't trying to sell people meat out of my truck.

Oh, and I need a "sponsor".  Not that kind of sponsor, but the one that brands you with their label and then chucks cash in your direction.  I am thinking that I would be perfect for the "before" pictures in a Botox or a breast enhancement campaign.

I understand why Johi is not in spell check, but stoner, remodeler and Botox?  Come on people.  And yes, I know that cornfed should be corn fed, but that just didn't feel right to me.

Brain... clearly...... shutting... down...

G'Night all.

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