Friday, December 31, 2010

I Resolve to be BETTER.....

Since all of my blogger friends are making resolutions for the coming New Year, I feel that it must be the responsible thing to do, and I am always up for being responsible.

Johi's Resolutions for 2011!

I am going to be less of an asshole in 2011- which should be easy because I won't be pregnant.

I am going to continue working diligently on mothering my children with warmth, compassion, love and boundaries.

I will continue to nurture the other positive relationships in my life~ my husband, my friends and my family.

I will start and end my day, each day.... okay, 4 days a week, with gratitude. 

I will inspire someone~ somehow.  I promise.

I will ride my horse.  I miss you Gus.  :(

I am going to cuss less.  No, I'm not.

I am determined to have a great 2011- one filled with peace, success, health, stability, joy, and love. 

Thank you for your support~ whether you are that person I call when I am ready to sell my _________ (fill in the blank with dogs, cat, children, or husband), the one who makes me laugh, the one who prays for me (I need it, I assure you), or the one who supports my hopes and dreams by reading this blog.   I love each and every one of you! I am dead freaking serious.

Drink responsibly tonight- or do what my husband and I do- stay home and go to bed at 9 pm.

Cheers!  Johi

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