Monday, December 6, 2010

I am musically gifted. Oh, wait, that wasn't me...

I just spent 2 hours sitting on the couch glued to "The Sing Off".  Okay, I will admit that I did get up and dance with Thing 1 to the opening ensemble.  'Cause that's how we roll around here.  It took every fiber of my being to resist doing "the Carlton" (you know, from the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air).  If you don't remember that show then you shouldn't be reading this blog!  I use naughty words!!!!!

Part of the reason that I am so fascinated by "The Sing Off" is because my tiny cute grandmother was a bad ass bass singer in a Sweet Adeline's group in the 50's.  Not just any group- the WINNING group of the 1954 International Quartet Championship- The Mississippi Misses. My mom's side of my family is all quite gifted musically.  For instance, my mom can harmonize with the radio and play the organ and piano. She has a beautiful alto voice.  My dad, on the other hand, is one of those people that regards music as "Noise".  The few times in my life that I did hear him sing the result was "Omg.  That is so horrible that it is almost cute."  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I occasionally get it right, but more often hear myself and cringe at how very wrong my singing sounds.  I had the pleasure of being a part of a choir in high school.  A whole herd of kids joined one year because the choir was going to Disney World.  That is in FLORIDA.  We were in IOWA.  Everyone wanted to see the OCEAN (or Mickey Mouse).  The idea was for the choir to perform in Florida.  The reality was that we sucked so hard the Florida people said "No Thanks".  We went to Disney World anyway.  We drove there in a bus. Let me just say that there were a lot of hormones on that bus.  Oh to be young again....

Since singing is clearly not the career path for me, I will have to live vicariously through shows like "The Sing Off" and the memory of my rad grandma. If you buy me enough tequila I may even humiliate myself at a karaoke bar.  I am off to go and practice "the Carlton".

The Mississippi Misses circa 1954
That is my g-ma on the lower left! 

I have a recording of one of their songs where my Grandma sang the lead, but as I am computer illiterate, I do not know how to attach it here.   It is a zip file.  Anyone, anyone? 

Ahhh! Thanks Don!

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