Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Best Word. EVER.

Last week Thing 2 said his first word.  It was the same first word that Thing 1 uttered.  "Mama!"  I am so proud!  Of course I didn't even truly realize that he had made a word because I was in my standard housewife coma, where I am in robot mode doing laundry, unloading the dishwasher and preparing a meal at the same time.  However, my radar did pick up some happy baby gurgling in the background and then Thing 1 announced, "He is saying MAMA!"  I snapped into consciousness to see my smiling, precious, chubby cheeked, pinch-able Thing 2 happily babbling "mamamamamamamama!"

This is where I feign shock.

You see, because I am the one to stay at home with the chillens 8 to 12 hours alone every day, I take advantage of every opportunity I have to sabotage any silly thing, like "natural progression".  Instead, every time I feed, dress or change Thing 2 I am smiling and making faces like a lunatic while saying, "MOMMA.  MOMma.  mama.  MommA! Momma LOVES YOU!"  And so on and so forth.  I knew this technique to be flawless because it worked with my first born. 

Always the competitor, I not only like to win, but I require recognition that I am indeed the winner.  A trophy, plaque, my name yelled out to the universe or a check will usually suffice.  Also, this sort of makes up for the fact that neither of my children gave good old momma their first smiles.... little boogers.

I will now continue my quest for world domination..... right after my nap.

I have been teaching Thing 2 about pedicures.
 Yes, that is the same polish from this post two weeks ago.  Shhh.

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