Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well hell.

In case you were concerned, I got my $6 back from Target.  I know, now you can sleep tonight.

Thing 1 failed to toilet train himself as I had secretly hoped.  I fantasized about him tapping me on the shoulder and saying (with a British accent) "Excuse me mummy.  I feel the urgent desire to use the powder room."

Damn it.

I wish I could say that we worked for an hour and he grasped the concept right away.


Instead, he had three successes today.  I'll take it.

I have felt strangely like I could pass out all day, but I reached deep down to my farm girl roots and pulled it together.  Now I will take tonight's shift in his room.  How much awesomeness can I possibly take in one 24 hour period?

Enough about potty training. Hey, remember when I told you how much I like interior design?  Let's look at something pretty, shall we?  Here is our almost completed Master Bedroom project.  It only took 6 years!  I know.  Our ability to focus on a task is staggering. We are for hire, by the way.

Here is a little something that my hub and I put together.  He made the headboard and taught me how to rewire the lamps- a task that I have always wanted to know how to perform (don't ask me why).  The best part of this is the fact that we spent next to nothing on the entire room.  I am a Habitat for Humanity shopper (lamps & nightstands), the sheepskin rug was practically free, the bedspread was from a discount online site, the headboard (an old door) was being stored in our barn and the bench is from Hobby Lobby.  I love this space. Maybe because it reminds me that I do get to sleep on occasion.  Or maybe I love it because it is the only room in the house not infested with toys! I am considering a pattern on the headboard wall (think wallpaper pattern made with paint).  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Seriously- how great are these lamps?  Hand carved teak wood.  What is it about my house and stray hairs?
Okay, I feel better. 

Now I need to plan my evening sneak into Thing 1's room were I will make a bed on the floor. (Who made these potty training rules anyway?  And why the hell am I listening to their advice???)  I guess I get to sleep under the train table on a pile of blankets.  Maybe the black dog will let me borrow her nasty ass dog bed. Maybe I will get all Renaissance on my husband and feign a fainting episode.  Lord knows I have had plenty of real life practice.  However it goes down tonight, I am understandably pretty excited. Wait! What's that?  Hold the phone!!! The husband just informed me that he was taking the night shift!  *heavenly angels singing* Looks like I did choose the right man to marry after all!  Daily tip: It really does pay to walk around all day looking pasty white and unstable.  

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