Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thing 2 and his new "better" toys!

I want to preface this post with the fact that my husband and I are both youngest children. 
Secondly, I am in no way skipping Thanksgiving.  It is actually my favorite holiday this year.  I don't have to cook, clean my house or have an aneurysm trying to buy people gifts.  Bring on the Turkey and Pumpkin Pie!

I noticed tonight as I was entertaining Thing 2 with an oven mitt, that Thing 1 was playing with a plethora of store bought toys.  Thing 2 has definitely been subjected to hand-me-down items,...or whatever is in reach.  With my first, everything was shiny and new and appropriate for his age.  In fact, his Christmas' thus far have resembled stock-the-shelves day at Toys R Us. We are not solely to blame.  The grandparents and my sister are major contributors to the spoilage with toys factor. 

This is a disgusting display of consumerism, but Thing 1 LOVED it.
The interesting thing is that the baby didn't care that he was playing with an oven mitt or an empty wine box (we try to keep it classy here), but it was the fact that I was paying attention to him.  Hmmm.  Maybe love for a child really is spelled T-I-M-E.....  Here is a concept, how about we all skip the gifts this Christmas and wrap up common household items.  Then we sit with our children and make up really fun games like "There is still a little wine in that box honey, bring it over here to momma"  and "While you have that oven mitt on, why don't you grab the turkey out of the oven."  I have a tingly-all-over feeling that this is a brilliant idea.  I foresee a new trend in the future of America.  In fact, I have never felt more inclined to sing The Star Spangled Banner while picking up cans out of the ditch. 

How awesome is this toy?  Look!  It has chickens on it!  CHICKENS!  The fun never ends!

Do I really even need to talk about the many uses for this fabulous toy?  We take our recycling seriously around here!
 Once again, you're Welcome.

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  1. you are the best. you make me laugh every time,