Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks, prayers and turkey butts.

Look what I made!
I am sooooo thankful for my two little carpet monkeys!
...does Thing 2 appear cannibalistic to anyone else?
As much as I love my little crumb grabbers, I am grateful that I got to go on a walk ALONE (ahhhhhhh!) in the ridiculously nice Colorado weather (50's and sunny).  One of the few things that I do love about winter is the hibernation of the fucking snakes. Therefore I do not walk with my arse cheeks clenched while constantly on the lookout for slimy freaks with no legs.  The other great part of this holiday is that I get to eat two Thanksgiving feasts while preparing zero of them!  I clearly have the most wonderful friends on the planet.

Thing 1 taught me a prayer that he learned at Preschool. I think it is appropriate for today.  Feel free to use it at your Turkey dinner. 

Thank you God for food to share.  For friends that play and love and care.  Amen.

I couldn't have said it better myself.  It is so simple that you can probably even remember it after 3 glasses of wine.

I will leave you on this Thanksgiving Day with some photos from the archives. I was 19 and pimply.  I now have the distinct pleasure of possessing the man grabbing combination of acne and wrinkles.  Hold onto your husbands.  Meow.
These photos should prove to all of you that my "asshole" status hasn't been freshly acquired.

Whaaaaat?  Turkey Butt!

I truly feel like I missed my calling as a Vegas Showgirl.
 Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Johi

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