Friday, November 19, 2010

Subliminal Messages from Wal-Mart.

We take our floor time seriously around here.

The Red Dog likes her nappies.

We don't disturb her.

Thing 2 also likes floor time, but he is more of the kick and flail kind of dude.

Red dog doesn't seem to mind.

I feel the need to set the record straight.  Even though it does not show in these photos, I am passionate about interior design.  I've had that blanket since college. It does not fall into the category of "good decorating", but it is soft and thick, which is handy for protecting Thing 2's head.  Actually, no baby accoutrement in my house falls into the category of "pleasing to my eye" (except the actual baby, of course), so I thought that I might as well commit 100% to burning my retinas and combine the garish Wal-Mart floor mat with the hideous Wal-Mart blanket. I honestly rarely shop at Wal-Mart and how two items from there ended up in the center of my living room, I am unsure.  I don't sleep much and have been feeling, well... lazy, lately.  

To escape from the Wal-Mart invasion inside my home, I took the boys outside on an adventure!

I let Thing 1 determine the course of the conversation.  We spent the next hour discussing rocks and horse poop.

I didn't want to overdo it today so I allowed Thing 1 to push Thing 2 in the stroller.  It is important to teach your children about work ethic at an early age. 

We viewed some beautiful crunchy foliage....
Although I have no idea what this is, I am strangely drawn to it.  They look like tiny Oriental fans.... or something I would have to pick out of Red Dog's coat while she bites at my hand and wails into my ear.

I seriously am inspired by this color combination.  I want to run out to Lowe's (or Wal-Mart?) and get some paint for my living room so that I can look at these grey blue and goldenrod hues every day.  It makes me go ahhhhh.

We saw some lovely Colorado scenery....

The mountains always take my breath away.

And then I looked the other direction and saw Wal-Mart. 

I think that I am being stalked.

I am now going to get my Pottery Barn catalog and recharge my feeble mind with soothing colors and quality design.  Then I am going to make my family a classic American dinner of frozen pizza and ignore my house chores (once again) until I can muster up enough energy to pull myself out of my white trash life coma funk.

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