Monday, November 15, 2010

Smelly Cat Has A Problem.

 Although Smelly Cat has a very odd upper lip that protrudes and causes him to drool when he sleeps (on the couch), his coat is usually luxurious and the cause of envy from the neighborhood cats.  Of course he is usually covered in debris because he shares the black dog's affinity for rolling in junk, but the hair underneath the garbage is fabulous!  The seasons aren't the only things that have changed and as of late, he has been having some grooming issues.... 

Do you notice anything strange here?

I don't think this look is going to start a new trend with kittahs.
Like any respectable pet owner, I have tried everything from having a frank discussion with him about the important of hygiene to shaming him by laughing and pointing.  None of my tactics were working so I dewormed him and put him back on the limited ingredient green pea and duck food that cost $376 for a ten pound bag.  He refuses to eat this food and has now taken to following me around all day so that he can yowl at me.  When I blatantly refuse to submit to his demands, he then eats the dog's food.  He is still mowing his hair off of his tail.  What to do? What to do?  After giving it a great deal of thought, I have decided to Nair him.  I will then carry him everywhere and hold my pinkie finger up to the corner of my mouth.  If you pass me in Target please nod to Smelly Cat and greet me as Dr. Evil.

*Daily tip- Spell check wanted me to replace "dewormed" with "wormed".  I feel there is a gross misuse of this word.  Among my many many many pet peeves is people stating that they are going to "worm" their horses/dogs/cats.  You are removing the worms, therefore you are not worming them- you are deworming them.  Suck it spell check!  Spread the word. Go forth and deworm.

* I know how to spell kitten.  I would just rather say kittah, kittone, baby kiss kiss, kitter or keykey.

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