Friday, November 12, 2010

Okay, I'll try again. Snow (2).

In light of yesterday's post I decided to try to adjust my attitude about winter.

I also feel I need to share two very important (re)discoveries:

1) A morning walk (ALONE) is good for the soul.  Okay, the red dog can tag along.
2) The combination of Advil and coffee after an evening of bookclub is highly underrated.

I bundled up and headed out the door early before my husband left for work. I documented my rare journey out of the house without my children with the following series of photos that should prove that I am not The Grinch.

Steam rising off the neighbor's pond.

The only ones that beat the red dog and I to the snow were a couple of bunnies.

Everything was covered in frost and snow.

...including the red dog who is clearly trying to tell me something.

...and this poor little dude who probably was  briefly introduced to Smelly Cat.

Sorry, I am easily distracted.  Back to the landscape...

Some mountain views...

I love Colorado.

The Red Dog is very useful for patrolling the area around me when we walk together.

She is really good at removing those pesky sticks.


And my walk ended with proof that the boarding stable does actually feed their horses hay, which I had serious doubts about.  See?  Happy happy joy joy.

 I returned home and entered the house where I was greeted by a screaming teething Thing 2, a nose that resembled a snot faucet on Thing 1's face and Smelly cat yelling at me, demanding food since he clearly only kills for sport.  My husband was so excited to see me that he practically sprinted to his truck. I predict that the best part of my day has come and gone.  Please challenge that statement.... please.

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  1. well, reading your blogs are the best part of my day. Hang in there, there will come a day that you miss the sticky hand prints on everything and the proof that you have at least 10 children all over your house. So they tell me anyways! However, Iknow they're wrong because I will always have those things as long as my husband never moves out!