Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am A Robot.

The other morning Thing 1 crawled into bed with my husband and me at Satan's hour of 5:45 am.  After flogging us for 10 minutes with his tiny body we finally gave up pretending that we were still asleep.  He started poking at my arm, saying, "Your arm needs more batteries."  No shit.  All of me needs more batteries.  There is only so much that coffee can do for my personality.

Anyway, my response to him was to make my arm do the robot.   I said, "I am a robot! I eat batteries!"

Thing 1 replied, "You're not a robot, you're a MOMMY!"

I responded with shock, "Oh!  What does a mommy do?"

My three year old then explained it to me, "A mommy makes mac and cheese and cuts avocado and cuts bread."  (So he is obsessed with food and knives.  Super.)

"Mmmm"  I said.  "Good to know.  A robot could NEVER do that."

He then hugged me and said, "I love you Mom."

It was so cute that I almost forgot how much I hate mornings.  I still want batteries though.

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