Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things That I Have No Desire To Understand.

1. Peeing in the shower. 

Really?  I do not believe this to be a necessary activity.  Most humans, maybe with the exception of Donald Trump, use bathrooms where the useful items (sink, shower, toilet) are all within a few feet of each other.  I think that most adults do have moderate control of their bladder. Probably enough to get them two steps to the toilet for relief.  But some still insist on urinating in the shower.  Well, unless you are scrubbing that floor when you towel off, you are leaving a fairly disgusting area for those of us who follow you.  There is nothing more satisfying for, let's say, a mom of two small children who gets virtually no alone time, to get her 3 minutes of bathroom privacy in the shower and have to smell the urine of the previous bather.  Ahhhh!  Fresh and Clean!  And super rejuvenating!  I have always dreamt of bathing in a urinal.  I guess dreams really do come true.

2.  Why are you looking for more? You don't believe that using the shower as a toilet is the only thing that annoys me?  You are correct, I have more to add to this list but Thing 2 is awake and  POOF! I am magically Mom again....

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  1. Well at least now I know that someone else's worse half does this ...