Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Before the Garage Sale

Actual real time post!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!

I apologize for my massive walls of text.  If I ever become mildly competent in the using of computers, I intend to insert old photos and maybe even some new drawings.  That way, when your eyes start crossing and you feel drool forming on your mouth, there will be pictures to distract you from your impending text coma.

Today we are preparing for a garage sale that we are "hosting" in the morning.  Being from a family of hoarders, I have never helped with, nor organized a garage sale before.  In the past my sister and I have either traded our shit, dropped it off at Goodwill or run through our parents' house like mental ward escapees, gleefully burning and pitching my mother's saved and cherished items (we are talking boxes and bags here people, we aren't that cruel...yet). Because this is something new to me, I deal with it like anything I am uncomfortable with- through mild to explosive outbursts, inability to sleep and lack of clarity and focus.  Is now the time to inform you of what a treat I am?  My sister and I like to use the term "precious treasure".

So if you are in the greater Northern Colorado area and need something like a washer/dryer or a wooden fish that doubles as a coat hook, come on over to our house tomorrow morning.  If you happen to arrive before 9 am, please don't speak with me- just take the loot and hand me your cash.  Trying to have communication with me before 9 am runs a high risk of complications and negative side effects including but not limited to; headaches from fast moving objects (like frying pans), low self esteem, and bruised egos.  Early birds be warned.


  1. I'm pretty amused that you posted this at 6AM...

  2. Ha! I have been up since 4am. Oh the joys of having an infant-as you know! The early time only magnified my snarky attitude about mornings. I didn't say I slept until 9, just not to talk to me before that time. :)