Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fortune Cookie.

My very good friend is in town with her fiance. They call and invite us to sushi with her sis, also a friend of mine, and hubby. We frantically secure a sitter, wipe the spit up off our bodies, apply cologne to disguise said spit up and we are off for a rare but special treat we like to call "grown up time". Because we are highly intellectual, our grown up time usually consists of drinking, talking over the top of one another and fart jokes. We all meet at a quaint little sushi restaurant close by and proceed to have a lovely meal. We order positively the most ridiculous amount of sashimi and sushi rolls I have ever seen. Did I mention that all of my girlfriends and I can get some eatin' done? We are basically guys with lipstick and bras. So the waiter brings our sushi barge over and eight cement blocks to support the table so it won't collapse under the crushing weight of the 35 fish that died to feed us. We continue on drinking our Sapporo and eating spiced ginger until it is time for the fortune cookies. My friend opened hers which read "You will have many obstacles in your path". Lame. We didn't like it so we read mine "You will live among people with many riches". Well, that is great, so my neighbors will have money. Apparently not my current neighbors, unless people start paying a small fortune for broken appliances, or what is commonly referred to as "yard art" on this block. 

So I turn to the hubs and ask "What does yours say?" .

He responds casually with a shrug "I don't know, I may have eaten it", which makes my friend and I start giggling.

"He would friggin' eat his fortune", I say.

Then I say. 'No really, what does yours say?".

He replies, very casually, "No. I really ate it. I bit into my cookie and sort of just... sucked it down my throat."

Now, I probably don't need to tell you what Wasabi feels like when it comes through your nose. I will say that laughing that hard post-inhalation of sushi is somewhat dangerous.  If you do ever choose to dine with my husband please keep all paper products out of his reach and check for those pesky hidden ones... like those weird little fortunes in the cookies, which are interestingly enough called Fortune Cookies. 

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  1. For Erin, The reason I am polluting the Internet with my stories. Enjoy and remember to break your cookie, remove the fortune, and then (and only then), eat the fucking cookie.